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Work in the fashion industry

Work in the fashion industry

Work in the fashion industry – The fashion industry offers a wide range of possibilities, a multitude of professions are collected within this sector; from the most common that we relate to the world of fashion such as models, designers, stylists, makeup artists, photographers, etc., to another variety of positions focused on sales and brand development.

Work in the fashion industry

The fashion industry represents a business of one trillion euros, twice as large as the computer and electronics sector, according to the study of The Sustainable Fashion Blueprint 2018, fashion is taking more and more weight in our society and what before It was only focused on a very specific social group, now we can all enjoy it. The social movement of social networks and new professions such as blogger, youtuber, influencer, participate in this industry growing every day and the changes that take place in it every day take more speed.

Work in the fashion industry

Whether you are passionate about fashion or not, working in this industry is exciting, changes happen very quickly, work is very dynamic, there is no one day the same as another. A sector where having an open mind and being willing to face changes at a dizzying pace is an essential requirement to be in it.

Working for a Brand requires a multidisciplinary team, where many professions work and cooperate together to achieve the same goal. There is room for the most rational and for the most creative, depending on the department. Within this scope we can highlight the following professions: brand director, brand coordinator, buyer, designer, salesperson, sales assistant, sales director, expansion, key account manager, accountants, admirers, coolhunter, stylists, etc. each with a different profile.

If you are thinking of dedicating yourself to the fashion industry or you work, but would like to take your career in another direction, these are the best advice I can give you, after 15 years in the sector:

Languages, especially English. Most companies have an international impact, and language becomes an essential requirement to dedicate yourself to this sector regardless of the department in which you work.

Academic training vs professional experience. There are very specific positions that need a certain academic training, whereas in other professions the experience you have in the sector is valued very positively.

If you start from scratch in this sector, a good first step would be to request the internships of your degree or master’s degree. More and more companies in this sector are on the hunt for new talents who provide a different point of view, starting an internship guarantees on the one hand that you discover if you like the profession you are going to carry out and it also gives you experience, to that you can develop your professional career wherever you want to go.

Another option is to start in a position that fits your current experience or training and work your way up to the target position. Being within the company is a great step, but if you want to evolve towards another position totally different from the current one, you must expand your academic training focused on the new position to get and work in that direction.

“Nobody gives four pesetas hard” that is, nobody gives you anything, in the end everything is achieved with work and dedication. Having an excellent academic record opens doors for you, but only work, perseverance and being willing to learn, guarantees you to go far.

In the fashion industry, the image you project on others is important, we are not talking about a specific beauty standard, but about taking care of ourselves both inside and outside, being our best version and being aligned with the profession that we defend. Having confidence in ourselves makes us better professionals.

Finally, I must emphasize proactivity, being proactive is one of the qualities best valued by companies, companies need to be proactive to survive and grow in such a changing environment as the fashion industry.
We are waiting for you in the fashion industry, a sector where everything is possible.

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