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Vicente Amigo, Spanish Guitar Maestro

Vicente Amigo, Spanish Guitar Maestro

Vicente Amigo, Spanish guitar maestro – The artist has an extensive musical career that he has shared with the greatest figures of flamenco art.

Vicente Amigo, Spanish guitar maestro

At 53 years old, there is no guitar (neither cantaor, nor flamenco fan) who can resist him. Vicente Amigo Girol, a native of Seville and raised in Córdoba among neighbors who are passionate about Andalusian art, has been and is one of the most renowned flamenco guitarists in history. A guitar genius who has earned the recognition of even the greatest sages of his guild.

Although the guitar is his great weakness and without a doubt, his perfect ally to cause the deepest feelings among his faithful audience, Amigo has declared that he loves music beyond his instrument. “Music is my life”, explains the artist in his official texts… It will be that unquestionable passion that has led him to an incomparable career path. Even a curriculum where few encounters can go unnoticed.

Vicente Amigo, Spanish Guitar Maestro

A genius among the greatest masters

When he looks back, Vicente Amigo confesses that it was Paco de Lucía who aroused his interest in music. Amigo was only three years old, but his young age did not prevent him from distinguishing the good from the magical.

The guitar for him, had that inexplicable spell, that “something” that hooks you and that does not let you go… whatever happens.

The time, which everything to its place, led him to the environment of the greats, where as a great flamenco ‘maestro’, he proved to be more than up to the task. The destiny of the artist not only made Amigo and Paco de Lucía establish a perfect friendship, but also caused that together they will represent Spanish flamenco in the event ‘Leyendas de la Guitarra’, internationally applauded, and celebrated in the city from Seville in 1992.

Meanwhile, another countless list of iconic artists has witnessed his great work, not only as a composer and performer, but also as a producer. Vicente Amigo has thus worked and collaborated with flamenco artists of the stature of José Mercé, Enrique Morente, Remedios Amaya, and none other than Diego El Cigala.

But his art has not stayed at home. And the fact is that Spanish artists focused on flamenco have not been the only ones to enjoy Amigo’s talent. The artist was one of the thinking heads when the song ‘Send your love’, by Sting, bore fruit; as happened with the Argentine rock singer Pedro Aznar, to whom Amigo also offered his collaboration.

Like them, many other names have joined the group of those who have claimed the art of Vicente Amigo in their works, allowing the artist to cross territorial barriers and musical genres.

Thus, Vicente Amigo, throughout his extensive professional career, has worked with and for Miguel Bosé, Khaled, Leo Brouewe, Niña Pastori or Miguel Poveda, among many others.

Vicente Amigo discography

Ten albums are part of Vicente Amigo’s album repertoire.

  • De mi corazón al aire, 1991
  • Vivencias imaginadas, 1995
  • Poeta, 1997
  • Ciudad de las ideas, 2000
  • Un momento en el sonido, 2005
  • Paseo de Gracia, 2009
  • Tierra, 2013
  • Memoria de los sentidos, 2017

The first of them, published in 1991 under the title ‘De mi corazón al aire’ (From my heart to the air), conquered the public with eight songs of his own that made Amigo dazzle in a way not previously appreciated by the artist.

This album was just a clear confirmation of the flamenco musician’s talent, since the guitarist had given glimpses of his art in guitar competitions, or working for other greats such as Camarón or Manolo Sanlúcar.

It was then that Amigo recalled before an expectant Andalusian public, the moment he lived in 1989 with Camarón in the television program “La Puerta del Cante”, then broadcast on Canal Sur Televisión. For him “it was all a dream”, since “Camarón was his nights and his days”, they cite cordopolis.es.

After his first album, many more would come: ‘Vivencias imaginadas’ (Imagined Experiences), published in 1995; ‘Poeta’ (Poet), which was released in 1997; ‘Ciudad de las ideas’ (City of ideas), from the year 2000; ‘Concert from Córdoba’, 2004; ‘Un momento en el sonido’ (A moment in sound), work issued only one year after the previous one; ‘Paseo de Gracia’, published in 2009; ‘Vivencias la obra maestra de un genio’ (Experiences, the work of a genius), from 2010; ‘Tierra’, from the year 2013; and the most recent, ‘Memoria de los Sentidos’ (Memories of the senses), which stood out in the world of flamenco back in 2017.

Among the ten albums, several distinctions. On the one hand, some albums like ‘Memories of the senses’ are a detailed reflection of the purest flamenco; on the other, in a few songs, the guitarist also transmits a combined art, mixing his flamenco roots with touches of other musical styles, such as jazz or pop.

On the other hand, other of his albums, such as ‘Amigos’, also bring together well-known flamenco artists, such as ‘El Pele’ or ‘Pedro el Granaino’.

Recognitions and awards

The recognitions and awards obtained by the Andalusian guitarist have not been scarce.

With his first album, the artist received the ‘Ícaro’ award, awarded by Diario 16, a work that at the same time was also recognized by Radio Nacional de España, with the ‘El Ojo Crítico’ award.

Among the most outstanding awards of his career is the Latin Grammy for Best Flamenco Album of 2001, achieved thanks to his work ‘Ciudad de las ideas’.

For his part, in 2015, the artist also acquired the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts, a recognition that increases his repertoire of awards.

Above time

It doesn’t matter how many years go by. Vicente Amigo, with a ten albums behind him, has been able to show that his music and art go far beyond fashions.

His songs, like those of all the greats of the flamenco world, have crossed the boundaries of trends, because they always are.

Their music highlights a simplicity that they say, it is only apparent. A flamenco elegance, and a combination of power or dominance…

Vicente Amigo takes possession of his guitar regardless of time or place. Demonstrating a pure passion. And they say that there is no other way to move with art, other than feeling it from the deepest interior.

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