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The most popular detox juices

The most popular detox juices

The most popular detox juices – These drinks made from water, fruits and vegetables, suppose a great contribution of nutrients, vitamins and energy.

Composed exclusively of fruits and vegetables, the ‘Detox Juices’ have been participants in numerous summer diets and eating methods consistent with healthy lifestyles.

Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow or Salma Hayek have promoted the type of detoxifying diets in which these juices are included. In addition, these drinks have become the absolute protagonists of multiple scenes in recent movies and TV series, a factor that has made them even more popular.

Healthy, but not recommended as exclusive food

The detox diets have been the cause of numerous controversies, although all due to situations in which these habits have been taken to extremes. This means that many faithful to this type of diet have associated them with ‘miracle diets’, which is why they have confused the recommendations for the consumption of detox products, such as juices, with the duty to eliminate the rest of foods from different procedure.

Great contribution of nutrients, vitamins and energy

Despite these criticisms, there is no doubt that detox juices, whose composition is made exclusively of fruits, vegetables and water, are a great contribution of vitamins and nutrients that in no way can harm the body, as long as they are consumed inside of a varied and balanced diet in which logically, in addition to these juices, all kinds of foods such as meat and fish are included.

Another positive factor that awaits this type of drink is its diuretic power. Due to the large amount of water they contain to promote its duration, detox juices benefit when it comes to ending the frequent problems of fluid retention.

The most popular detox juices

Among the varieties offered, there are the following options that top the list of products most demanded by consumers.

– Detox juice composed of pineapple, apple, lime, mint and water. In addition to providing a large amount of nutrients, pineapple is a great ally for weight loss due to its diuretic power and low calorie intake. This food contains a large amount of dietary fiber, which helps prevent important diseases such as colon cancer.

For its part, the apple is rich in a type of fiber that helps fight cholesterol and can boast a high potassium content that helps control blood pressure levels. This, together with the many benefits of mint, which favors the digestion process and is effective against flu and colds, makes the composition of this detox juice an effective way to provide defenses to the body.

The high water content of this drink makes it a diuretic food that helps to end fluid retention problems and the dreaded consequences that this entails, such as the appearance of cellulite or orange peel.

Blueberry, raspberry, banana, orange, ginger and mint detox juice. Among the properties of blueberries, its high content of antioxidants stands out, which makes this fruit a perfect competitor against aging.

In addition, like most of the components of detox juices, blueberries cause a very low calorie intake, specifically 46 calories for each consumption of 100 grams of blueberries, making it an effective food for loss processes. weight.
Similarly, the orange strengthens the immune system, and has a large amount of antioxidants that promote healing processes.

On the other hand, ginger is an effective plant against some stomach aches such as that caused by menstruation and, like orange, it is effective when it comes to fighting viral diseases such as colds.

Orange, pineapple, carrot and turmeric detox juice. Due to its contribution of vitamin A to the body, carrots are able to improve the production of breast milk and protect the retina avoiding the possible appearance of cataracts.

In addition, the carrot not only gives shine and strengthens the nails, but is also rich in potassium and phosphorus, which reduces the feeling of fatigue.

For its part, turmeric is a product also characterized by its high antioxidant power.

In addition, according to a study published by the University of Arizona, this food is highly effective against inflammations caused by sudden blows, as well as infections. This study also lists turmeric as a diuretic and effective against memory loss.

These refreshing and nutritious drinks can be part of a healthy snack that also helps us consume the five pieces of fruits and vegetables that we must ingest on a daily basis following the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). For this reason, the fashion for detox juices is sweeping through the new generations concerned about a healthy lifestyle and aware of the importance of a good nutritional routine.

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