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Star tattoos and their meaning

Star tattoos and their meaning

Star tattoos and their meaning – The pentagonal star is one of the most demanded symbols when choosing an image to capture on the body

The fact of reading its simple description already alerts you to any spiritual facet. The star is “the star that shines with its own light in the sky.” The symbol of hope for those who are lost. The point that illuminates the darkest corners and moments of the road…

Star tattoos and their meaning

The meaning of the traditionally structured star, generally drawn in the shape of a pentagram, refers to the image of the human body positioned with its arms and legs open. This posture represents man’s dominance over the four natural elements that surround him in his environment, these being known worldwide as earth, water, fire and air.
In the same way, since very distant times, the star has been conceived as a sacred symbol that achieves harmony between the body and the soul… Which leads to calm and self-control.

The scope of success is another of the key meanings of the star. “Have a star” is an expression that exposes good luck; like “being a star” is synonymous with being a genius in certain artistic facets.

Therefore, the star, in image and concept, is an attractive symbol. A point of light. The most needed resource for that which is invisible and the hope of the believer who longs for its arrival and permanence.

Therefore, the star is one of the most successful figures in tattoos, reaching aesthetically mark thousands of bodies globally.

Star tattoos and their meaning

In general, this symbol is presented in ink in different ways, although tattoos of sets of stars forming constellations abound; small stars isolated on the body individually; and the tiny versions of these stars accompanied by other important symbols for the human being, such as the moon or the earth.

The success that accompanies constellation tattoos is not only due to the beauty of them. Constellations are groupings of stars with infinite meanings depending on the culture in which it is defined. Among them, its astrological value also stands out, since each sign of the zodiac is associated with a constellation that many people feel illusion to capture on their body.

Whatever the chosen form, anyone wants to have a guiding star in mind, a symbol that for many tattoo experts who describe the star in different internet portals, represents the fiery “spark” present in each personality.

Star tattoos and their meaning

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