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Spectacular Salma Hayek in 2020

Spectacular Salma Hayek in 2020

Spectacular Salma Hayek in 2020 – Although a new year is about to begin, Salma Hayek once again proved that time does not pass for her. Saying goodbye to the last days of 2020 from the beach, the Mexican was not only impacted by the short but forceful message she sent to close these moments with a flourish, but by showing off her eternal youth in a look that went viral in a matter of minutes.

Spectacular Salma Hayek in 2020

Spectacular Salma Hayek in 2020

The 54-year-old woman from Veracruz only needed two photos to become the topic of conversation on Instagram (and other networks), by capturing her beauty and fit figure in a purple bikini, with a V-neckline and fitted design, which she combined with a whisk with juice, having floral details of the same color, on a white background.

With a hat and black glasses, the famous woman looked happy and calm, something that was not for less, because in the postcard that she uploaded to her account, you could admire a blue sky, turquoise sea, palm trees and a hammock, which turned out like a landscape ideal for resting and recharging energy for the beginning of 2021.

“I have never been more grateful for being healthy and being in contact with nature,” she commented in this publication that she gained more than 921 thousand ‘likes’ in less than 6 hours, all thanks to her beach outfit, with which she left See her curvy silhouette as well as style, imposing a new trend of purple bikinis perfect for a showy and electric look.

Salma, the eternal young woman

Of course… the main photo of this album of two images was the one that resonated among the followers of the actress, who made a close-up of her outfit, revealing a flat abdomen and a top with a pronounced neckline. Despite her hat and glasses, the photo also captured her youth, showing a radiant face, free of wrinkles or blemishes.

“Are you getting old?”, “It’s crazy”, “You look so young”, were some of the more than six thousand comments… Salma trusts the treatments natural, but above all, in his diet as revealed in a video uploaded to Instagram.

Her secret to eternal youth consists of drinking orange juice every day (without exception), but not just any … because the Mexican woman adds sea buckthorn, a fruit rich in vitamin C and E, which is known to avoid the aging of the skin, something that not only affects the face, but the entire body.

The elixir of youth

Salma shared the recipe for this drink step by step, commenting on the benefits of sea buckthorn, which also helps reduce inflammation and hydrate both the body and the skin, as well as preventing the appearance of wrinkles, as it is a cell regenerator. Orange juice, with turmeric (antibacterial and anti-inflammatory) and black pepper, “that makes it much healthier since the combination makes you absorb the nutrients, vitamins and properties,” he commented of this drink that also helps to strengthen the nails and the hair … something that the Mexican always reflects in each of her photos.

Family time

Although the actress did not give more details about her getaway to the beach, she did show that she is making the most of the rest days, not only enjoying nature but reconnecting with her family and her mother-in-law, Maryvonne Pinault, with whom she climbed a photo in which both appear happy and ready to enjoy an unforgettable evening (reflecting their freshness and unique spark).

Salma Hayek’s Bikini Photos

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