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Salma Hayek Bikini Photos

Salma Hayek’s Bikini Photos

Salma Hayek’s Bikini PhotosSalma Hayek‘s latest posts have blown up the “Like” counter. For a few weeks, the actress has been sharing hers more often than ever, posing with her in her bikini, photographs in which the 54-year-old interpreter boasts of her spectacular physique.

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Salma Hayek’s Bikini Photos

But why has Hayek decided to show her followers so many snapshots of this type? And how is it possible that the Mexican woman has a new bikini pose every week? The actress herself has answered these questions, explaining why she finds it “liberating” and making it clear that she does not intend to stop.

“I had to lose a lot of weight and exercise to get into the bikini towards the end of last year,” she said. “I’m glad I took a lot of photos, I have no shame on it, because it was the first week of the vacation.”

“I saved my pictures; I’m not in the same condition today, and I’m spreading the love out like every two weeks,” she admitted. “I’m going to put up another one.”

“People are sick of it, but I’m going to let them take a break,” she joked. “They’re going to think I’m wearing a bikini every day. No, they’re all from the same location.” Hayek has 17.3 million Instagram followers, for context. Her last bikini shot, posted on January 19, got over 2 million likes.

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