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Neymar organizes a five-day party with 500 guests

Neymar organizes a five-day party with 500 guests

Neymar organizes a five-day party with 500 guests – The PSG footballer is receiving a lot of criticism after O Globo reported the event, which will last until the new year at his home in Magaratiba.

Neymar organizes a five-day party with 500 guests

The pandemic does not seem to be a sufficient reason for some personalities and footballers to stop, at least for a time, from holding mass parties. Something very likely given his history was that the Brazilian Neymar organized one of his own, and with the arrival of Christmas and the football stoppage in France, he seems to have found more than enough reason to celebrate with his friends and acquaintances.

In the last hours, the journalist Ancelmo Gois has revealed in his column in the O Globo medium that the football player has organized an event that has outraged Brazil. The PSG forward is known, in addition to his skills with the ball and being one of the best in the world, for his parties and celebrations without caring, on several of these occasions, the demanding schedule he has as a top-level football player.

No less than 500 will be the guests who will be able to attend the ‘privileged’ party that the Brazilian Neymar organizes from today in his mansion. The intention of the former Barcelona is that the event lasts until the arrival of the new year, which will be in five days. For this, it has prepared, in addition to the isolation of all these guests, the acoustic isolation so as not to disturb your neighbors during these days, who will not be very happy with the news.

It will not be inside the property but in a disco that he had built a few years ago on the outskirts of his farm. This place, built underground, is inspired by the discos located around Barceloneta beach, which Neymar himself once frequented during his time at the Camp Nou. Dance floor, bars, a stage for a DJ and even a games room and another for video games are the amenities that this place has and that your guests can enjoy.

The use of mobile phones is prohibited

Neymar from the first moment has not wanted the news to be known nor that images of the celebrations are leaked from the inside, so he has put his guests the measure of banning mobile phones. You will not be able to record stories or post images on social networks. The Brazilian wants to have everything under control and ensure a good atmosphere, which is why he would have rented one of the neighboring houses for around 5,000 euros a day and a band that plays all these days.

Several Brazilian media have echoed in the last hours of this event that does nothing but outrage the world population for organizing a massive party in the middle of the pandemic and third wave of the coronavirus. Although the list of the 500 invited to the party is not known, it has transpired that among them will be the footballer’s sister, Rafaella Santos, always present at the forward’s celebrations.

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