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Movember, the movement that fights for the quality of life of the male gender

Movember, the movement that fights for the quality of life of the male species

The Movember foundation responsible for the mobilizing appeal on an international scale, raises funds to combat different diseases that cause a large number of yearly deaths in men.

Movember, the movement that fights for the quality of life of the male gender

Movember, the movement that fights for the quality of life of the male species

We often find useful and necessary social programs and movements whose objective is to protect women, combat the problems that generally plague gender in a society that is not yet one hundred percent balanced, and reduce pathologies that specifically or exclusively attack females.

In recent years, the advance of diseases such as breast cancer (which according to data provided by cancer.net kills 41,760 women per year worldwide, compared to 500 deaths of men), have driven social awareness movements, spread of the use of ‘pink ribbons’ as a symbol of support and empathy, and endless messages of encouragement spread by practically any viable medium.

No doubt. Awareness is necessary. But what about the male gender? Do men feel supported against possible diseases that (in some cases) only they suffer?

Around this question and to liven up the lives of a large percentage of men who suffer the consequences of serious health problems, a cause worthy of admiration arises.

“Fight testicular and prostate cancer, protect mental health, and prevent suicide.” These are the four causes that drive the ‘Movember’ movement, promoted by the Movember Foundation since 2003, which has managed to finance more than a thousand research programs so far focused on the pursuit of a single objective: to improve the panorama of men’s health internationally.

In this way, Movember Foundation defines itself as an “international charity committed to promoting a happier, healthier and longer life for men”.

Movember, the movement that fights for the quality of life of the male gender

How does the foundation work?

The month of November is key for the foundation, although its activity does not cease during any time of the year.
November, baptized by the organization’s own team as “Movember”, is the time when different activities are carried out on a worldwide scale belonging to the same promotional campaign, which does not pursue more than social benefits. The goal ?: to sensitize and raise awareness among males about the importance of preventing different diseases that each year claim the lives of millions of people.

All activities related to “Movember” are carried out with two fundamental objectives: to raise awareness and to raise funds.

Among the activities, which is much more active during the month of November, stand out meetings in restaurants, charity and sporting events, open days, or solidarity galas held in all corners of the planet.

“Movember” moves the world

Cancer, suicide or mental problems do not understand races, cultures or borders. They are setbacks that arise for humans from any part of the world. For this reason, activities benefiting “Movember” are present in a large number of countries, including Australia (where the movement originated), Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland or Norway, and many others.

A total of 20 countries have joined “Movember” since its inception in 2003, when a group of young Australians decided to grow a mustache as a symbol of support for a close friend who had prostate cancer prevented him from having a normal life.

Little by little, the nice, friendly gesture took shape until it became what it is today: a worldwide movement that each year manages to raise millions of dollars for research against cancer, suicide and mental health problems.

Originality at his best: “Leave a mustache”

In addition to the repertoire of activities that promote a global movement against the galloping advance of major deadly diseases, “Movember” encourages an original proposition and according to them, “very hairy.”

“Ask the people of your community to become hairy with you,” they propose from the official website of the movement movember.com. And it is that this simple gesture has already become a symbol of awareness that helps to promote the philosophy of the movement and to proclaim its activity,

Who is behind the movement?

“Movember”, a name derived from the combination of the concepts Mustache (mustache) and November (November), has a serious, established and hierarchical organization.

So much so, that within the foundation there is a Board of Directors and five committees (scientific, advisory, health results, finances and remuneration), which act for all the causes that “Movember” tries to combat.

Among all its staff, the image stands out – Owen Sharp, the CEO of Movember Foundation; Stuart Read, Acting General Counsel; Paul Villanti, Executive Director; and Charlotte Webb, Director of Development and Fundraising.

Along with the top leaders, there are also a host of non-executive directors and John Hughes, current president of the foundation.

Why those four causes?

Prostate cancer

According to numerical data, it is estimated that a total of 5.6 million men in the world suffer from prostate cancer, so “Movember” mobilizes every day to “educate” on the importance of taking measures to detect the disease in early stages, “sensitize” the population to the importance of this type of cancer, and “increase” information worldwide by supporting research programs.

Testicular cancer

Testicular cancer is the second most common type of cancer in men. For this reason, “Movember” is committed to raising awareness of risk factors, preventive support for victims and their families, and a deepening of studies on treatments against the disease.

Mental health and suicide prevention

Both mental health problems and the high suicide rate that plagues today’s society are two closely related causes that “Movember” does not ignore.

The foundation is based on the fact that a large part of suicides are preventable, so from the group they work to develop successful programs, encouraging men to maintain contact with friends and family that can serve as strong pillars of support at any time in their lives.

“Movember” in networks

“Movember” has done this with a wide community of followers that have caused a tide of faithful on Instagram (155,000 followers are part of the @movember profile), and thousands of followers on the different Facebook profiles that the foundation has in different countries.

“Movember” moves the world, crosses barriers and experiences a well-deserved extraordinary growth considering the high rate of deaths caused by the diseases that the foundation tries to combat.

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