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More sport and fewer excuses

More sport and fewer excuses

More sport and fewer excuses – Having an exercise routine is something that many of us try to implement, but in a large percentage, without success. Playing sports is not synonymous with having free time or being a sports lover. From my point of view and this is how I have managed to integrate it into my day to day, it is to see it as a lifestyle and as one more habit of our daily routine.

More sport and fewer excuses

More sport and fewer excuses

I am lazy, I do not like sports and 70% of my work involves traveling and being away from home. To consider practicing a sport or doing an exercise routine seemed impossible, in addition to accusing that I did not have free time, I did not have great willpower. Frustrated at not getting it, it occurred to me to analyze the reason for not being able to do it, and I began to list all the things that we have as a habit in our week; that without question, we do it. Examples of these habits can be, making the bed every morning, watching a television program, cleaning the dishes, washing the car, shopping, cooking, etc. I realized that in my “I don’t have time” life, I used time “automatically” in activities that are no more important than doing sports. I analyzed these questions and came to the conclusion that the only way to include sport in my life was to see it as a habit as normal as watching the alarm clock go off. This approach was my beginning and it has been 9 years since I instilled this routine.

More sport and fewer excuses

During these years I have had times of training 4 days a week or training only 2 days, the good thing is that during this period, although I have lowered the intensity, I have never stopped the activity, when it comes to implementing a habit what prevails is the constancy before frequency. I have changed activities such as spinning, yoga, Pilates, body pump, or running, depending on what I needed or available times.

In the last year my work activity changed, the level of travel and hours I dedicate to work tripled, and I started to feel frustrated because I did not train as often as I liked. My old gym schedule was not compatible with my new lifestyle and I had to find another alternative. In my case it was a functional work study with a personal trainer, where there is a wide schedule and flexibility when it comes to canceling and rescheduling classes. It has been the best decision, not only for continuing with my exercise routine, but because physically I have achieved results that I never saw possible in myself.

We must also be aware of our limitations, training two days a week is a very satisfactory physical improvement in my case, but evolving to a much more fit body would imply having a training at a much higher level and a very specific diet. Currently, in my situation, reaching this goal would imply chaos in my life. Accepting what we have and improving without obsessing over it is the key to having a healthy habit.

Here I propose a series of tips when implementing this habit in your day to day:

  • The training place should be close to home or work, something that is not lazy to go or involves a greater displacement. It works better for me to find a place where I can walk and not depend on the car close to home.
  • Don’t depend on anyone to train. Although it is recommended to go to training with a friend, to encourage commitment and not abandon the activity, I can say that the only way not to lose the habit is just doing the opposite, go alone and commit to yourself. Do not be ashamed to go alone, in most cases almost everyone goes alone, and who knows, you may meet interesting people and expand your social circle.
  • You have to go mentally that at first it will be hard, you will have stiffness, you will be the clumsy of the class and you will want to never return. Hold on, within weeks you will be perfectly integrated and the bad drink passes.
  • Try to choose a sport that you like a minimum, try various activities until you find the one you like the most. In several gyms they offer open days where you can go to try, it is a good way to start.
  • Whether you have injuries or not, always carry out an activity advised by a professional and according to your objectives.

There are no “excuses” but ways to organize our time and set priorities. I hope this article helps you to say yes to sport and you manage to implement it in your routine.

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