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Is Sushi Healthy?

Is Sushi Healthy?

Is Sushi Healthy? – One of the gastronomic specialties that has grown the most in global consumption is Asian sushi. Maybe, one reason why this speciality has become a global prevalence top is its healthy side. Undoubtedly, a combination of fish or seafood, fresh, with rice and a vegetable touch, seems more than an option with which any doctor would approve a menu, but not everything is so simple…

Is Sushi Healthy?

The high-quality proteins that we find in fish or seafood can become a mere anecdote if we do not achieve a quantitative harmony with carbohydrates, and if, in turn, we forget the third essential piece in a good sushi, the fresh contribution of the vegetable chosen in the piece.

Fish, the soul of traditional sushi

Salmon, trout or tuna are excellent choices to lead the most appetizing and healthy sushi. In general, fish provides omega 3 fatty acids, in addition to other basic substances in the balanced diet of humanity.

Can be very high in sodium

One of the main drawbacks of sushi is its relatively high sodium content. While the nutritional information for sushi differs from piece to piece, and from restaurant to restaurant, many sushi rolls have a significant amount of sodium. For example, a shrimp lobster roll at a popular sushi restaurant has 1,030 milligrams of sodium. It is an excessive amount of salt. Pieces of tempura, crab, and squid rolls also contain more than 1,000 milligrams of sodium per serving, when the limit is 2,300 milligrams.

Another problem: added sugar

Have you ever wondered why it tastes so good? Traditional sushi rice contains one tablespoon of added sugar per cup of cooked rice. Maybe it’s one of the reasons. On average, there is one tablespoon of sugar for every cup of cooked sushi rice. And each sushi roll contains about a cup of white rice. So the rice in a single roll contains 240 calories. One roll can be the equivalent of 3 or 4 pieces. And we all know that when we eat sushi we don’t eat less than 8 or 9 pieces.

Is Sushi Healthy?
Nigiri Sushi

Sashimi, the best option

Each serving of sashimi has more fish, so you will get more protein and omega 3. Ordering sashimi will also allow you to avoid large amounts of carbohydrates. Just make sure to choose a high-quality sushi restaurant, as it is essential to use only the best quality fish for your sashimi. Tuna, for example, has a moderate amount of mercury. For less mercury options, choose sushi or sashimi made with salmon or shrimp.

Make sure you enjoy sushi in a clean and reputable restaurant with expert chefs. Sushi that has not been stored or prepared properly poses a risk of foodborne illness from pathogens. You should also skip the frozen or industrially processed sushi options.

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