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I Choose to Get Up Early: My New Lifestyle

I Choose to Get Up Early: My New Lifestyle

I Choose to Get Up Early: My New Lifestyle – Although those of us who are or have been night owls, the word get up early is not in our minds, much less consider it as something pleasant. And if I told you that getting up early is the simplest and most effective action you can do to be happier. I will tell you my experience.

I Choose to Get Up Early: My New Lifestyle

You literally get up 20 minutes before you have to leave the house, you dress in the first thing you find, you don’t have time to eat breakfast … you grab a bun from the pantry, slam the door and run away. You get in the car, look at your watch, and once again, you’re late. Traffic does not improve the situation and, you don’t know how, you get to work, stressed with mixed up ideas and in a bad mood, does this scene sound familiar to you?

When stress enters your life and takes over, when you feel that the days do not have enough hours and that little by little your spark is fading, to end up acting like a robot in which you have motorized each of the actions that They understand your day, that’s when I think that there must be another way of living, where getting up early and perseverance are the keys to achieving it.

In a new morning routine, start your day by waking up an hour earlier than usual, it’s time to beat laziness and dominate the day.

Start your day with a good glass of water, to rehydrate your body and wake up the organism.

Then I sit in my favorite chair and spend about 45 minutes doing a pleasant activity. It can be from going for a run, practicing yoga, watching YouTube videos, cooking or, in my case, I dedicate this time to a motivational reading. It is the moment for personal growth and where we can consider being what we want to be.

After doing the pleasant activity, it is time to organize our day. I take hold of the agenda and begin to set objectives and structure what will be a fruitful day. Doing this helps you have another perspective, stopping you to reflect, and having the power to turn any day into a good day.

I choose to get up early: my new lifestyle

In this new morning routine we cannot forget the importance of taking time to have breakfast and relax. It is the ideal time to share it with the family or with yourself. Enjoy a healthy breakfast and start the morning with energy.

It is time to take a shower and prepare to face each moment of our demanding schedule in a positive way.

I leave home feeling that the day will go well, in a state of relaxation and positivism, to meet the achievable goals set and overcome any unforeseen with positivity.

It is 7.45 am and I have already had my free time, I feel that I control my day and that makes me happy … I choose to get up early.

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