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Habbility, online realistic tattoo courses

Habbility, online realistic tattoo courses

Habbility, online realistic tattoo courses – In recent years, the tattoo industry has evolved at a dizzying pace, reaching the point of now having a wide range of tattoo styles available to choose from and which can be adapted to every taste.

The realistic tattoo is a style highly demanded by the public and requires enormous skill on the part of the tattoo artist, since he must reproduce a real image on the skin in the most reliable and professional way possible.

Habbility, online realistic tattoo courses

In this sense, Habbility consolidates itself as a reference platform in the online training of professional tattoo artists in Spain, by offering high quality in realistic portrait tattoo courses.

Habbility, online realistic tattoo courses

Promote online learning through art and tattoo

Habbility is a Malaga start-up for online artistic training that offers certified tattoo courses with references from all over the world, without the person interested in learning having to leave the comfort of home.

Thanks to an experienced and multidisciplinary team that integrates areas of education, art, audiovisual production, technology and marketing – along with the collaboration of internationally renowned tattoo artists – the platform founded by the artist Juan Pineda offers qualified training in the world of tattooing. .

In this framework, the emerging company promotes on its website the different portrait tattoo courses where realism predominates. In these, resources are taught to design tattoos in black and white, in color, on a complete arm in 3 days and without damaging the skin, with rotary and coil tattoo machines, a female portrait tattoo composed of small pieces, among others.

In turn, professional training covers microrealistic techniques applied in black and white to animal themes and the secrets of how to create both the fur and textures of a tiger.

It should be noted that this style is one of the most difficult to represent because it works on human skin and requires exhaustive knowledge of variables such as the chiaroscuro technique, drawing, shading and lights, etc.

Habbility, with the central purpose of helping its students achieve their professional goals, maintains constant attention to users and continuous updating of content.

Habbility, online realistic tattoo courses

Qualified and certified training

The platform offers numerous facilities to people who are interested in taking training. Firstly, online access has no limit on hours or amount of income and facilitates permanent communication with tutors.

Classes are available by modules and lessons, subtitled in more than 40 languages, and with downloadable PDF documents. Likewise, in the section of each course, there is a review with the materials necessary to practice.

Habbility certifies participation in each course through a high-resolution certificate, signed by the artist, and ready to print.

If the student is not satisfied with the knowledge taught during the 14-day period, the company agrees to refund 100% of the money.

The online training for tattoo artists promoted by Habbility has the support of more than 10,000 students in 52 countries who achieved their professional goals.

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