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Fashion nomads

Fashion nomads – With globalization looming and transportation costs reduced, traveling is a new work tool. In the world of fashion, hardly anyone perceives a week in which there is no shift. We travel the world looking for a setting, a lifestyle, a meeting, a new business, a new supplier, etc. Destinations are becoming increasingly complex and varied, in search of something different, a new inspiration, new sources of informational interest for fashion, such as Seoul for being the epicenter of planetary cosmetics or Uganda in textile manufacturing.

Fashion nomads

At 34 years old, being in charge of the commercial direction of a men’s fashion brand, I can coin the term “fashion nomad”: having a portable office from anywhere in the world and being a frequent traveler of the main airlines. All of this reflects this new lifestyle.

After globalization, time zones are no longer a border, this makes a dissolution of traditional seasons as we know them, and we put the concept of “seasonal clothing” under review. Fashion and our wardrobes are changing, they are beginning to be more nomadic. This causes us to consider where the textile and fashion consumption is going.

Several questions come to mind, will we stop working seasonally? Will our usual promotions and sales calendar go into the background? Is it normal to launch and see a summer collection in stores in the middle of February when snowfalls abound? or where is this new lifestyle leading us?

The nomadism concept not only affects the way we dress, but the change that has occurred in our way of thinking, our lifestyle, our purposes and dreams. This makes the way in which we invest our time and money also change. Increasingly, we invest in travel, sports and experiences. The “real food” and “eco friendly” phenomena are becoming increasingly important in our society. Social networks have also shown that you can aspire to global impact from any city, an influencer from Malaga can have an international impact without leaving home. The borders in communication do not exist.

Being a fashion nomad makes you be on the move, open to knowing different cultures, people of multiple nationalities, being able to be in Paris today and London tomorrow, you travel thousands of kilometers, in which there is no day the same as the other. Yes it is an exciting life, but also stressful and with many hours of work, responsibility and decision-making have their price, that is why every minute that I can spend at home I value much more and it is worth remembering that “how at home … nowhere. ”

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