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Cyclist shorts and nothing else, Bella Hadid trend

Cyclist shorts and nothing else, Bella Hadid trend

Cyclist shorts and nothing else – The super model Bella Hadid is a global trend setter and her style resembles streetwear. An urban fashion that leaves us outfits somewhat bizarre.

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Cyclist shorts and nothing else, Bella Hadid trend

Let’s review Bella’s look in Paris in 2017, which is still trending: cycling shorts (a trend that the Kardashian sisters made fashionable); without any kind of modesty, some high-heeled black pumps, a gingham coat that showed there was nothing under it other than the aforementioned pants, and a French beret that gathered her hair, ending with the minimal black Roberi & Fraud (which has not stopped wearing since this summer) along with the fanny pack hanging from the shoulder strap that completed the look.

This white, black and strategic touches of red outfit, is one of Bella’s looks that is remembered over the years. Of course, she fulfills all the keys: total mix of clothes, style and a lot of personality.

Maybe she wanted to show that cycling shorts are not only for going to the gym, but a must have in our closets, especially walking through the classic streets of Paris…

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