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Create 5 daily habits

Create 5 daily habits

Create 5 daily habits – By habit we usually have habits in our day to day, which are not healthy or simply do not give us anything positive, in the end they end up consuming energy without us being aware of it. It is possible that they have even gone from being habits to becoming an addiction, such as the need to drink a cup of coffee in the morning.

Create 5 daily habits

Create 5 daily habits

What are the 5 things you would like to enjoy every day? It is not about looking for new habits that you see as an obligation but something that you truly enjoy. We live under so much stress that we cannot imagine how to do 5 pleasant habits in our day.

The best way to change a habit is to replace it with a different one, that is, the ideal is to replace a bad habit with a good one; one that at least brings you a benefit, instead of consuming energy. For example, if we have the habit of drinking chocolate after dinner while we watch television, we could substitute the chocolate for an infusion. Drinking the drink, even holding the cup in your hand, makes you feel full and makes you stronger when faced with the urge to eat chocolate. Change must always be accompanied by an activity that replaces the one you are trying to change.

Create 5 daily habits

Creating a list of 5 habits is very personal, and each one we must do depending on what we want to change and make us enjoy our new habits. Try to mix the “shoulds” and what you like to do naturally.

This was the list of “new habits” that I set out to do:

  • Being a “morning person”, getting up an hour earlier than usual, to do a pleasant activity (here is my post talking about this topic: I choose to get up early: my new lifestyle).
  • Have my favorite smoothie for breakfast.
  • Go work out or do an exercise routine at home.
  • Take nuts between meals.
  • Pick up the house before I go to bed.

Each of them was aimed at changing a habit that did not provide me with anything positive, for example, getting up early changed my habit of starting my days without meaning and full of stress. Eating nuts replaces eating chocolate when I get “ravenous hunger” between meals, this new change filled me with energy, I eliminated my dependence on sugar and made me feel better physically. After making these changes for a season they become internalized and cease to be something new to be a habit, but this time they are customs or habits that we have chosen to feel better and better in our days.

Having control over ourselves creates a field of possibilities where you are the captain of your destiny and where everything is possible.

What would you like to change about your days? Are you ready to start the change? Take a pen and paper and start enjoying your days.

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